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Add options to rescan button to rescan specific types

Add more options to the rescan button for rescanning albums of the different statuses, and for forgetting and rescanning albums of specific statuses. I am thinking:

* Re-scan all Unknown
* Re-scan all Compliant
* Re-scan all Non-Compliant
* Purge all Unknown and Re-scan
* Purge all Compliant and Re-scan
* Purge all Non-Compliant and Re-scan

I often want to re-scan my collection, but don't need to re-scan the albums which are known as compliant, so being able to re-scan just the ones that need re-scanning would speed things up no end. Especially the ones that are "Unknown".

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  • Adam commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also like this idea - especially the Re-scan all Non-compliant.

    Regarding Dan's suggestion, I think it would be better to have the re-scan option stated in the re-scan tool so users are aware of the options.

    Getting it to only operate on the filtered files showing could be an alternative, but then would be good to inform users that a filter is active and the action will only be done on selected filtered files. If not then users may think they have done a Rescan on all files, but actually only part of their music will have been rescanned.

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